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To be employed as a SSASS volunteer instructor you will require to meet the SSASS administrative requirements (5.3 – Instructor application policy) and training requirements. This policy deals with the training requirements.

Our preference is that all instructors complete the full CADS Level 1 course to be fully employable and well rounded as a CADS instructor and meet the requirements of “Duty of Care” as defined in the CADS manual.

The minimum SSASS initial training requirement to be a certified instructor in the specialty area of the CADS ASD/CI Level 1 module; and then preferably complete the CADS Sitski module within the first year of participation. These two modules will prepare you for the majority of our SSASS clients.

Once an instructor has attained experience after a few seasons of teaching at SSASS, we encourage our instructors to complete the CADS level 2 course in order to be certified to supervise the teaching of more advanced students and mentorship of new instructors in the program.

Volunteer assistant instructors can be employed under supervision of certified instructors once they have completed some CADS training in the areas they intend to assist. This training is conducted by CADS Level 3 instructors on a as required basis between regular CADS certified courses or modules.

Successful candidates will be reimbursed the CADS course fees as per SSASS course policy.


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