CASS instructors are certified under the Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers (CADS) standards. Becoming a certified instructor is extremely rewarding but it does require some time and commitment.


Naturally you need to be reasonably adept at downhill skiing. A love of the sport and for being outside is appreciated. You must have a desire to help others, and lots of patience. Creativity and a positive outlook on life helps as well. CSIA certifications are very welcome but are not mandatory.


Most instructors volunteer for 10 – 12 Wednesday evenings for 1-2 hours at the Hart highlands. The biggest time commitment is getting CADS certified which usually includes an evening classroom session, and 2-3 days on the snow over a weekend. If you can’t commit to every Wednesday between January and March, that’s okay, we will get you as involved as much as you can.

Contact Us

The best place to start is to contact us at and set up a time to talk about the program. You can also drop by the Hart Highlands on a Wednesday evening during the ski season and speak to any of the instructors. If it looks like a good fit for you, go online and register.

Online Registration

Our membership database, registration (and hopefully one day scheduling) are all done on the web through the CASS Members Portal. Sign in as a new instructor and fill in as much as you can in your personal profile. This includes contact information, experience, and snow sport certifications.

BC Adaptive Annual Membership

Every year you must join the BC Adaptive Snow Sports Association. You can apply here and pay by credit card. This year it costs $53. BCAS represents the Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers (CADS) in BC. Your CADS card then comes via email, please forward a copy to CASS. Membership gives you liability insurance when teaching with CASS. Remember to update your members profile with your CADS number.

CADS Certification

We host CADS level 1 courses every so often when there is enough interest to host the course in Prince George. You require at least CADs level 1 to volunteer as a ski instructor. CADS certification comes in multiple levels, and there are five adaptive disciplines. Find out more about it here CADs LEVELS.

Criminal Records Check (CRC)

As part of the application process, you must complete a criminal records check. The instructions are in your profile on the CASS online portal, and the criminal ecord check application can be completed online. We will notify you of the results. Should you wish to review the results, or use them for another organization, they will be available to you in your profile.
If you have completed a CRC for another organization within the last five years that will suffice. Please upload the CRC result to your profile.
CASS recognizes a CRC as valid for five years from the date it was issued. After this time the process must be repeated.

Annual Declaration

Each year for which you do not have to complete a CRC, you must download, sign and upload a voluntary declaration stating you have not been arrested for offenses that would cause you to fail the CRC.