Mel McMillan (President)

Mel McMillan, is the CASS president.
He discovered skiing when he was 19 and then quit university to get into the ski industry. He worked in a ski shop for 9 years and during that time (1974) he obtained his CSIA ski instructors certificate. He met his wife through skiing! He has been involved in officiating ski racing since 1975 when Purden hosted the Pontiac Cup. Mel became a TD (technical director) for BC Alpine in or around 2004 and was the TD at many Alpine races around the province including junior championships. Mel has been on the board of directors of the Prince George Golf and Curling Club, the Rotary Club of Prince George (downtown), BC Alpine, the Insurance Brokers Association of BC and the Insurance Brokers of Canada. He was also the President of the Insurance Brokers Association of BC. Mel has been the President of CASS for about 12 years (I’d have to look back in the archives to determine the exact date) when he was coerced by the founder of CASS, Joan Kersmodel.

Elizabeth MacRicthie (Vice President)

Elizabeth MacRicthie is once more a Director and treasurer, and our unofficial ‘program coorindator’. She has been involved with CASS since it’s conception. She used to work on the snow but now focuses on creating community connections and fundraising. She is a retired physiotherapist.

Johanna Jenkins (Director)

Johanna Jenkins loves to ski and loves to work with children. CASS is a perfect combination of her interests. She is a retired physiotherapist. She spends most of her time on skis Cross country skiing. If not skiing, she’s feeding horses and walking their Scottish terrier. She has 8 grandchildren and three of them are skiing.

Joel McLay (Director)

Joel Mclay is a Director and a ski instructors. He has been involved in CASS since he moved back to Prince George in 2015 to work as a Forester.


Matthew Brewer (Director)

Matthew Brewer is a director and a skier. He went to the national games for 5 pin bowling for special olympics February 2020. He works at Northern Metallic Sales and for the Citizen.

Meghan Huberdeau (Director + Treasurer)

Meghan Huberdeau is a director and our treasurer. When she is not helping out with CASS, she works as a Controller in the construction industry and is busy with her two amazing kids.

Sandy Van Kleeck (Program Director + Board Secretary)

Sandy Van Kleeck is one of our ski instructors as well as Program Director. She works as a pediatric physiotherapist.


Erica Crick (Director)

Erica is our social media and events planner. She has been involved as an instructor with CASS since 2019.


Noah Lucas (Director)

Noah works as a forester and has been involved as an instructor with CASS since 2019.