Mel McMillan (President)

Mel McMillan, is the CASS president and has been so since…? Mel is now retired after XX years with Porter & McMillan insurance

Elizabeth MacRicthie (Director)

Elizabeth MacRicthie is once more a Director and our unofficial ‘program coorindator’. She is mentoring Joel as treasurer. She has been involved with CASS since it’s conception. She used to work on the snow but now focuses on creating community connections and fundraising. She is a retired physiotherapsit.

Johanna Jenkins (Director)

Johanna Jenkins has been ski instructing wince XX? She also volunteers for racing?? She is one of our fabulous directors and a retired physiotherapist.

Joel McLay (Treasurer)

Joel Mclay is the treasurer and one of our main ski instructors. He has been involved in CASS since he moved back to Prince Goegre in 2015 to work as a Forester.

Sandy Van Kleeck (Secretary)


Sandy Van Kleeck is one of our ski instructors as well as board secretary. She works as a pediatric physiotherapist.