About Us

CASS programs make downhill snow sports accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical or cognitive challenges, age, or skiing experience. At CASS, we believe that everyone should be able to experience the freedom, joy and satisfaction of skiing. We encourage whole families (and friends) to get involved, skiing is social and FUN. We currently offer stand up skiing and sit skiing. We utilize adaptive equipment and/or specialized teaching techniques to maximize a person’s independence on the snow.

Who (us)

CASS is a registered non-profit society, operated by a dedicated group of volunteers, which includes an active Board of Directors, and instructors.

Our instructors are certified by the Canadian Adaptive SnowSports (CADS) ( www.bcadaptive.com ) , who ensure that only the highest standards of teaching methods and adaptive adjustments are used in every Canadian Province. Some CASS instructors are also CSIA ( www.snowpro.com) certified.  

Volunteer instructors are also required to become members of BCAS and to complete a criminal record check. Volunteer instructor CADS courses are usually head the first weekend in January.

CASS always welcomes new volunteers, in any style: instruct, assist, organize, fundraise, bake cookies, keep the website up to date or on the board. Volunteers are required to have a BCAS membership for insurance reasons

Who (you)

You want to get outside on the snow!
We welcome students of all (dis)abilities who want to learn, or continue, to ski.
Ages range from 5 to adults. Previous skiing experience is not required.

Our instructors are trained and certified to work with students with diverse cognitive and/or physical challenges:
Cognitive challenges such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Learning Disabilities or the effects of brain injury.
Physical challenges such as the effects of injuries or amputations, or conditions including cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis. Our students range in ability from those with a condition effecting the mobility of a single joint to near quadriplegic conditions.

Hearing or visual impairment – from minor to total.

What (we do)

Our main ‘bread and butter’ program is our seasonal Wednesday Night Ski Lessons. Generally, participants will be taught and escorted by one or two instructors during a lesson, using an adaptive technique to modify ski teaching to take advantage of and build on the abilities of the client.  We operate from early January through late March.

CASS Lessons are FREE of charge.  
Access to the lifts and rentals are FREE as well (thank you Hart Ski Hill!)
BCAS membership purchase is required annually ( https://www.bcadaptive.com/content/membership)

How (do we teach)

Our instructors begin by assessing a student’s ability and areas of challenge.  We have access to a wide range of adaptive equipment for both upright and sitski students.   For upright skiers this equipment ranges from simple tools such as tethers to help skiers with speed control and direction changes through to poles and hoops to help with balance and outriggers, which look like crutches with short skis attached.

For sitskiers we have a variety of equipment to help students learn to ride a sitski including tethers and outriggers.   For those with severe challenges we will “stagecoach” the skitski by steering it for the student so they can get out and enjoy the mountain.