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CASS is for anyone who cannot participate in a mainstream ski lesson. Many of our students have physical or cognitive impairments that make it difficult to be part of the traditional ski school. Some examples of the (dis)abilities we ski with are: amputations, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, multiple sclerosis, down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, visual impairment, and learning challenges.

Getting to Know You & Registering

If you are interested in adaptive downhill skiing, send us an email. We will meet with you (and your family if applicable) and explore what type of instruction would be best suited to your individual situation. We will then help you register online and complete all the necessary forms. We have specialized equipment to deal with physical impairments of any nature.

Instructors and Lessons

CASS programs are delivered by trained volunteers with CADS ( ) certifications.  Some CASS instructors are also CSIA ( certified.  Generally, skiers will be taught and escorted by one – two instructors during lessons, using an adaptive technique to modify ski teaching to take advantage of and build on the abilities of the skier.  At your first lesson we might spend a bit more time finding and fitting equipment to your individual needs before we get on the snow. Our main program is weekly ski lessons on Wednesday evenings from early January through late March.

Getting to Know You

Before starting your Wednesday night lessons with us, the instructors will contact the parent/cargiver, or the students themselves, to learn as much as possible about each student’s unique situation. Usually we meet at the Hart ski hill. day lodge so that the skier and family can get a feel for the place and get orientated. Information about triggers, deescalation, and learning style is very important.