Our lessons are held at the Hart Ski Hill, which is nestled in the Hart subdivision in Prince George. It’s not far from the John Hart highway or from foothills blvd

For directions to the Hart Ski Hill, check out google maps.

Once you arrive at the Hart Ski Hill, make your way upstairs to the second floor of the day lodge; this is where we meet before lessons. There are stairs from the main entrance. If you’d like to wheel into the day lodge, there is an around-the-back route to the second floor to a door that requires a staff member to unlock it: let us know if you’d like to take this route, and we can help facilitate.

If it is your first time meeting with us, we’d be happy to meet you in the parking lot to help you, and your snow gear, get inside.


On a busy night the 2 main parking lots will fill up. There is parallel parking up and down Windslow Drive on the side closest to the ski hill. If you need it, handicap parking it is also available.